Two MVC's on Adams Pointe Blvd
By Lieutenent Doug Mellinger
January 18, 2018

Crews responded to two separate single motor vehicle collisions (MVC) with minor injuries on Adams Pointe Blvd today. The first MVC was dispatched at 12:21 in the afternoon with a single occupant complaining of injury. Engines 1 and 2 were en-route within minutes. Crews assisted in extricating the patient and preparing for transport. Crews operated for approximately 30 minutes.

The second MVC was dispatched at 9:20pm with Rescue 42 out the door in under a minute with a crew of 6 and on-scene within minutes. Rescue assisted with patient assessment until arrival of EMS. Patient was extricated with minor injuries and transported by EMS. Crews were on scene for about an hour.