Busy Weekend With 3 Boxes and Training
By Captain Doug Mellinger
February 1, 2019

Adams Area firefighters had a very busy 3 days to end the month of January and start February off with a bang.

On the night of Thursday January 31 at 9:47pm the tones were struck out of Allegheny county for the structure box into Richland Township at 4114 Windfall Lane for a reported chimney fire extending to the residence. Chief 42 arrived on scene to find a 2 story SFD with fire extending to the exterior wood siding of the chimney.

Chief 241 (Richland) and E241 arrived and began an exterior knock on the fire extension. E42 arrived shortly after and reported to command for assignment. Command instructed E42 to deploy a second attack line to the interior to check for extension. Chief 42 was assigned to water supply officer for the unhydranted long wooded lane.

E42 with 241 crews found the fire had travelled the wall into the ceiling of the residence. E42 pulled the ceiling and extinguished the fire.

Crews operated on scene until after midnight.

As crews were cleaning up from the fire into the new day, on February 1st 1:47 am the tones were dropped for alarms activating and smoke filling the residence at 133 Jameson Way. Chief 42 arrived to find an end of the row townhouse with a heavy smoke condition on the third division. E42 arrived and deployed an 1 3/4" line through the front door.

After a quick extensive search, the smoke was found to be coming from the heating vents. An investigation of the furnace revealed a burned out fan motor with fire damage, thus causing the smoke condition in the residence. The furnace was isolated and crews utilized positive pressure ventilation to clear the home of smoke. Crews operated for approximately one hour before returning in service.

On the evening of February 1st, the tones were again struck with the 90 box for an electrical fire in the residence at 186 Downieville Road. Crews arrived to find a two story SFD with nothing showing from the exterior. E42 crews were met by the homeowner stating his electrical outlet and a surge protector were on fire, but had been extinguished with a dry powder extinguisher.

Crews investigated to find that two other power strips had burned, indicating a dangerous electrical problem within the residence. Power was isolated to the residence and the power company was notified to respond to the home to investigate and repair the problem.

Crews cleared the residence of smoke utilizing positive pressure ventilation. The scene was cleared and turned over to the homeowner awaiting determination from the power company after about an hour.

On February 2nd, Adams Area hosted a Man vs. Machine class by PL Vulcan. Our members, along with members from 7 other area departments recieved training in a various number of scenarios ranging from ring removal on a finger to impalements with complicated recovery and extrication. It was a very informative and fun class for all. A great big thank you to the guys from PL Vulcan for a class the Adams Area Fire District would strongly recommend to all fire, rescue, and EMS services.