AAFD Starts Off Rescue Series Training
By Captain Doug Mellinger
March 10, 2019

This weekend members of the AAFD started the first class of the year in our rescue series for 2019 with Rope/High Angle Rescue I. Members were refreshed and trained on rappelling, emergency self rescue, and changing lines. This will be the first class in our rope rescue portion, with Basic Rigging for Rope Rescue next weekend, Ropes II - IV the following weekends, and the PA State Pro-Board testing to end it in April.

There will be a SAFER Group burn class to break up the ropes training the last weekend of March. We have a busy couple of months with some training class pretty much every weekend. Then, following rope rescue training, we will move on to water rescue throughout the spring and summer, trench rescue throughout the summer, and vehicle and machinery rescue technician classes with PA State Pro-Board in the fall.