Spring 2019 SAFER Burn
By Captain Doug Mellinger
March 31, 2019

In continuing with the SAFER Group motto of "Our best response on their worst day on our worst day", members from all SAFER Group (Station 90) departments participated in a training weekend at BC3 utilizing the burn building for live fire scenarios.

For those that don't know, the SAFER Group is composed of the AAFD, Callery Station 19, Evans City Station 20, Cranberry Station 21, and Harmony Fire District Station 22. All five stations are dispatched together on any structure fire in any of the respective department's first due areas, with all five departments operating under the same Joint Operating Guidelines (JOG's) to provide for a well coordinated response to any emergency with sufficient equipment and manpower to operate safely and efficiently.

This weekend, we used the mornings to practice fire suppression tactics and hone our interior search techniques. After breaking for lunch, the afternoon brought the morning's training together with roll in scenarios. All participants rotated through the scenario, getting the opportunity to perform as first and second due engine, or first due truck. Officers of the various companies also traded off on coordinated first arriving fast attack command and transfer of command to later arriving ranking officers.

It was a physically and mentally challenging but fun weekend for all.

The AAFD will be continuing our Rescue Series training next weekend with Rope 3, so check back for more updates and photos.