Technical Rescue Team Training Kicks Off
By Captain Doug Mellinger
January 21, 2021

For the start of 2021, the AAFD held its first training for the year in technical rescue on the evening of Thursday, January 21. As many may remember, in preparation for the new giant tool box on wheels that is now Rescue Squad 42, we focused much of our training in the rescue orientation. By hosting classes such as Man vs. Machine, certifying a handful of members as Rope I and/or II Technicians through the Ropes I through Ropes IV series, and a handful of our members completing the Water Rescue series and joining Team 300; as well as many members independently taking other classes, we began the process of more rescue based certifications. To continue this progress, the AAFD will be holding technical rescue based trainings on the third Thursday of the month.

The focus of this training is for members to become adept to the operations level of the vast myriad of technical rescues we may encounter. By utilizing the many members and instructors we have who are on local and regional search and rescue teams and task forces, and the big rolling toolbox in our station, this training is to educate our members on how to quickly begin the initial response and stabilization of the incident until the specialized county teams or other resources arrive to bring the incident to final mitigation.

Tonight's training was familiarization of our Paratech equipment and its use as shoring in the structural collapse scenario.