AAFD Membership Drive
By Lieutenant Taylor Goodlin
September 23, 2021

The Adams Area Fire District Membership Drive is now Active!

To keep up with our growing area and call volume, your help is needed! The AAFD is a 100% Volunteer organization, and is in need of more folks to join our Team!

The AAFD is a Fast-Paced, Aggressive Fire Department that runs just under 900 Runs annually.

Currently Seeking applicants for all of the Following Positions:

-Firefighters (Interior and Exterior Support)
-Associate Firefighters
-Live-In Firefighters
-Junior Firefighters (ages 14-17)
-Administrative Members

Interior Qualified Firefighters and Driver/Operators are eligible to participate in out Station Staffing Incentive Program! the program will offer a stipend to members who sign up to take 'Shifts'

Shifts are 8 Hours each, and available 24 Hours Per day. For each 8 Hour Shift completed, Eligible members will receive $40. Members may take as many Shifts as they can per week.

Shifts offered as follows:
3 Shifts 8:00AM-4PM
2 Shifts 4:00PM-Midnight
1 Shift Midnight-8:00AM

Only 2 Daylight shifts available. 2 Evening and 1 Overnight still Available.

Many training opportunities are available within and outside of the Fire District at no Expense to you!

The AAFD maintains a Dormitory (Live-In) program with the capability to have 8 Live-In Firefighters. Live-Ins are eligible to participate in the Station Staffing program mentioned above. Each Live-In has their own private, Furnished bedroom, with Private HVAC and TV. Currently 3 Live-In Spots available.

For More Information on Becoming a Member of the AAFD, Please see the 'Become a Member' Tab on the left side of this page. Or Simply send an email to newapps@adamsarea42.com