Nov 20 at 12pm: Siren Test
By Member Kimberly Getz
November 12, 2021

On November 20th at 12pm, we will complete a test of our emergency weather siren.

Our emergency weather siren and an alert app system are two ways that we are using new technology for disaster safety in the township. The Weather Warning siren program is connected to the National Weather Service. The siren on the Fire Headquarters will sound when the following alerts happen within the siren hearing area: a tornado warning or severe thunderstorm warning that has winds of 60 mph or greater. The siren may also be activated manually for other emergencies in the local area.

During a real emergency, the siren will sound steadily for three minutes when an alert is issued and continue to be sounded during the warning every 12 minutes, for 3 minutes.

The test, scheduled for November 20th at noon, will only last 15 seconds. There is no need to take action during this test!

What do you do during an actual alert?

* Inform others of the warning.
* Take shelter in a basement or in an interior hallway.
* Avoid windows, doors and areas with large roof spans.
* Tune in to National Weather Service Pittsburgh Office website, other weather and Emergency Alert System (EAS) providers and/or local media outlets for further information and instructions.

Learn more at

Hyperlinks: National Weather Service Pittsburgh Office