Oil Spill Into Breakneck Creek
By Captain Doug Mellinger
December 17, 2021

Today the AAFD crews were alerted for a truck leaking a large amount of oil into a storm drain at the 7-11 at the corner of Route 228 and Mars-Valencia Road. Crews arrived to find a 275 gallon tote of 15W/40 motor oil had broken in the cargo area of a box truck. Immediate mitigation efforts were deployed, using booms, absorbent pads, and oil dry to stop the oil from running into the storm drain system.

Further investigation revealed that approximately 150-200 gallons of oil had already made its way into the storm drain before emergency crews were notified. Oil was found to have made its way into the nearby Breakneck Creek from the storm drain system. An environmental clean-up crew and the PA Department of Environmental Protection were notified and responded to the scene to begin clean-up efforts.

Though some residual sheen may be seen in the creek, residents can rest assured that every effort was made by emergecny crews and the subsequent clean up efforts to keep the creek safe. The water to residences is in no way affected, as Breakneck Creek is not used to supply the water to any of the companies supplying their homes.

Crews operated on scene for approximately 6 hours.

Units: Rescue 42, Captain 42, Engine 19, PA DEP Emergency Response