Rope Rescue III
By Captain Doug Mellinger
February 28, 2023

Over 2 evenings and Saturday of last week, dedicated AAFD volunteers and some mutual aid brothers spent 16 hours in continuing their training in the Rope Rescue series. Topics covered were skates to move a patient either up from a below grade position or down from an elevated position, “monopod” operations from Rescue 42 for patient rescue from below grade positions, confined space rescues, and high angle rescues with deflection for patient rescue and floating anchors.

This is just one class in a series of 7 for the rope series, as well as the upcoming Professional Pro-Board test, along with hundreds of others your neighbors donate their time for to serve you, the people we swear an oath to protect.

Their dedication to continually take time from their lives and families to serve with a genuine love for the people of their communities and tireless sense of duty deserves to be commended.

The AAFD would also like to thank instructors Jason Butterfield and Steve Kline for sharing their wealth of knowledge with excellent instruction.