April 1, 2007: Adams Area Fire District established
By Adams Area Fire District James - Jimmy - Ellis Firehouse Station 42
April 1, 2024

17 years ago today, the merger of the former Mars Volunteer Fire Co (Butler Co Sta 18) and the Community Volunteer Fire Co of Valencia (Butler Co Sta 17) was complete. Operations transitioned to the AAFD, Butler Co Sta 42.

The two predecessor companies had been working partners for their entire histories. There had rarely been a working fire of any significant size where both companies had not been engaged. Despite this working camaraderie, though, the companies remained fiercely independent. Not everyone thought the merger was the best idea, especially in Valencia.

Fortunately, wisdom and foresight prevailed. Also, a significantly higher financial commitment from the Adams Township Board of Supervisors helped incentivize the merger, eventually involving relocation to a more centralized new station.

We thank the community for their support over the years, and of course the visionaries in the early 2000s who prevailed in accomplishing the merger.

These photos are from the merger ceremony in 2007, at the former Mars fire station.