Early Morning MVC and Chimney Fire to Start Our Monday
By Captain Doug Mellinger
March 18, 2019

The day started early for Adams crews with the tones dropping at 05:30:27 for a reported single vehicle MVC on it's side with a female occupant still inside on Denny Road. Captain 42 was enroute quickly at 05:31. Captain 42 arrived on-scene at 05:34 to find an SUV on its side with the female occupant who had removed her seat belt and was crouching inside the vehicle, conscious and alert but unable to self-extricate due to vehicle damage and positioning.

A plan of extrication was relayed to incoming units for vehicle stabilization and windshield removal. Rescue Engine 42 arrived with Squad 19 from Callery and the plan was initiated. The occupant was then able to walk out of the overturned vehicle under her own power after the windshield was removed.

The roadway remained closed until the vehicle was up-righted and removed by Classic Automotive. Denny Road was re-opened and units cleared at 06:15.

At 06:58 Adams Area Station 42 was alerted to respond into Middlesex Station 16's first due for a reported chimney fire at 102 Linda Lane. Engine 42 was enroute with 3 at 07:00:44. Engine 42 arrived on scene shortly after E-16 and assisted with investigation.

A blockage of the flue and chimney in a basement wood-burner was found to be the cause of the problem. E-42's crew extinguished the fire in the wood-burner, removing the burning materials to the exterior of the residence.

The scene was turned over to the homeowner by 16 Command after investigation revealed no extension or further hazards.

Crews returned in service at 07:47.