Early Morning Chimney Fire
By Captain Doug Mellinger
December 21, 2019

This morning at 3:12 AM, the 90 Box was struck for a house full of smoke with a possible chimney fire on Dobson Road in Adams Area's first due. Engine 42 was on scene in under 6 minutes to find a two story residential with nothing evident from the exterior, but the house full of smoke. Engine 19 arrived a minute later, hitting the plug and laying into the scene. The smoke was determined to be coming from the chimney and ground ladders were thrown to the roof for access. Tower 42 arrived and began setting up for operations. The chain was sent down the chimney to knock out a blockage for closer inspection and investigation, causing the chimney to flare up with fire. An 1 3/4 crosslay was placed into operation to the roof via Tower 42 for extinguishment. Crews operated on scene for approximately and hour and a half, removing the remaining blockage from the chimney and checking for extension.

Units on scene: Engine 42, Engine 19 (Callery), Tower 42, Squad 42, Medic 76-2 (Quality EMS), Engine 21 (Cranberry), Adams Twp. Police